Properly shaped eyebrows bring out the best features of your face and your eyes. Applying the Golden Ratio, The Best Beauty customises the most suitable eyebrow for you. The process mimics real eyebrows and the result is long-lasting and natural-looking.
At The Best Beauty, our eyebrow specialists will analyze your facial shape and features to customize a look that brings out your best features. Our specialists will begin work after you are completely satisfied with the look. Using our BB Soft Touch technique, colour will be placed just under the epidermis with the use of a handheld micropen. This technique uses Korean-engineered Micropen and a blend of hairstroke technique and soft colouring. It has been perfected to give the impression of ultra fine hair strokes, simulating the look of real hair. Where necessary it’ll be combined with soft shading to create beautiful natural brows. The process takes about an hour to complete. Our skilled and gentle eyebrow specialists will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the entire process.

Best 1: First Generation – ($138 – $150)

Tattoo is origin since 60.70’S

Characteristics: Square, vertical blue, large, thick, every lasting.

Colors: Blue, gray

Technique: Using tattoo machine to do the dermis of skin.


Best 2: Second Generation – ($150 – $250)

Eyebrow embroidery origin since 80, 90’s

Characteristics: Permanent make-up

Colors: The color of plant extracts

Technique: Using special technique to fill up the brow with full colour.


Best 3: Third Generation – ($380 – $580)

Features: Based on eyebrow growing to do the lines design, no pain and swelling.

Color: The colour closer to hair colour and durability will not turn red.

Technique: Use ultra-thin materials, the natural curvature.

*Free Touch up 1 time (within 3 months)


Best 4: Fourth Generation – ($880- $1280)

Features: Hand finer, smoother scheduling methods, tools, also improved the results come out will be more realistic to achieve the perfect, making more three-dimensional for features.

Color: Colour milk, colour no smetch

Technique: Double lines arranged to create three-dimensional effect of the eyebrows.

*Free Touch up 1 time (within 3 months)


Best 5: Fifth Generation – ($1680- $5800)

Features: Durable, follow the direction of eyebrow and desgin, the latest technology, more delicate lines and natural durability, combined effect, look more realistic.

Color: Imported colour milk, powder, color, is more advanced.

*Free Touch up 1 time (within 3 months)


*After 1st year, customers are entitled to enjoy member prices for eyebrow touch ups.